The Punchline            

After that show, I was fortunate enough to get invited back to play another show the following week, then again, and again for the next two months. It was a decent job, and was a bit of extra cash. I would start working on new material and routines while working my day job doing waterproofing

29 Sep 2016

The Crowd Feedback            

I still remember the first time I jumped up on stage in any form of professional capacity. I was sweating bullets, even though it was only a local crowd of about a hundred or so people. I had this image in my head that nailing my routine here would lead my straight to the doors

15 Sep 2016

South of The City            

I’m probably sure that the word Portlander is something that doesn’t really come up in your day to day conversations, which is kind of the point of why I chose to use it as a handle on this blog. In fact, I simply find the word funny in and of itself, and growing up in

25 Aug 2016
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