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South of The City            

I’m probably sure that the word Portlander is something that doesn’t really come up in your day to day conversations, which is kind of the point of why I chose to use it as a handle on this blog. In fact, I simply find the word funny in and of itself, and growing up in the Portland area, even I wasn’t aware that it was the term used for residents there. Now, I’, sure anyone reading this at this point, especially those who happen to be from the area are wandering who this guy is and what the issue is with that particular word, and the trust is, nothing and no one, I just think it’s a funny word. If you haven’t been able to tell by now through that single paragraph, humor and things I find funny are actually the basis of my day to day life, yup, another person who thinks he’s funny writing a blog.

The fact is though, I have been doing stand up comedy for a number of years on the local circuit, now I don’t want you mistaking that for any form of success, because even after being on the scene for close to a decade, I’m still your average undercard performer who tends to open for much funnier people, but it does give me the opportunity to do what I love for a modest living. I’m not hitting celebrity any time soon, as far as I can tell, but I get to stand on a stage, and spout nonsensical things out of my mouth for people to laugh at, and I get paid at the end of the evening, that’s a pretty winning formula for me right there.

But I suppose I should rewind things a bit and talk about who I actually am, and where I got started. The story is a simple enough one for people in my line of work. I was the small awkward kid in class who found out early that getting my fellow classmates to laugh was an easy way to ensure that I didn’t get singled out for my lunch money during recess. So I took every opportunity I could find in order to be able to get a chuckle out of people. I was the one who wore a dress to school under a dare, who did a stand up routine that bombed in the talent show, everything I could do, intentionally or not to get people to laugh.

This eventually carried on to my young adulthood where I was consistently told that I didn’t take anything seriously, and that was rather true. I don’t think we should take things too seriously, look at the state of the world around us and some of the terrible things happening because things are taken too seriously. I’m sure people meant taking my own life seriously, but not doing so allowed me to follow my actual dreams, and even if I fail, I’m glad I at least tried.


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