Why Wear Retainers?

Retainers for dental treatment are used during the last phase of a total orthodontic treatment. They’re used after braces are removed from the mouth, most commonly there to keep hold teeth in place. But, the advantages of wearing retainers are far greater than keeping the teeth straight and where they’re supposed to be. Read below if you want to know more about the benefits that you will gain when wearing retainers parma oh.

Remove Bacteria

When you have straight teeth, the appearance you enjoy is better. Your teeth are easier to clean and there is less risk of developing a cavity. But, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) also reports that straight teeth helps keep bacteria out of the mouth so there is less risk of gum disease.

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Improved Breathing

Did you know that retainers may improve a child’s breathing? Sure, they help straighten the teeth and keep the jaws aligned. But the benefits of braces go much further and improved breathing is yet another perk.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes Type 2

Poor oral health can cause blood-related effects of diabetes to increase. When you wear a retainer and brush and floss the teeth correctly, it counteracts these ailments so you can keep your mouth health and ward off problems with your health.

Improves Speech Impediments

Retainers can help kids improve their speech. It is especially important to find ways to adjust tongue placement for kids that are bothered by speech impediments. This chance can help kids form sounds correctly and better develop their vocabulary.

Final Thoughts

Many dental products can help a patient with their smile and so much more. Retainers have the power to bring the perks above and many others into the life of a patient. Talk to your dentist to learn more.